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Frankensplean's Lab

Every Repetition Is A Little Death.

13 December 1901

Splean was conceived. It is not known how this was accomplished.
Splean was deposited into the world as a slimy little biomass on lucky Friday the 13th. This event is long forgotten and poorly documented.

Splean was programmed as a standard human of the American proletariat, achieving what appeared to be a promising office position in Manhattan during the "Roaring Twenties." In the stock market crash of 1929, Splean was one of those desperate fools who jumped from a window, being dashed to a leaky pulp on a fireplug below.
Nazi scientists, vacationing with American industrialists in New York, struck a bargain with authorities to spirit away many of the suicide corpses to German laboratories. Splean's expired fleshwad was amongst these.
Splean was reanimated by adept necro-biologists in a secret location somewhere in Bavaria. Reanimated Splean - Frankensplean (named after his reanimating necrobiologist "father" Frank, aka "Black Francis" (or "Schwartzfrankenfürter" in his native tongue)) - was reborn on 13 December 1929 and took many years to reacquire speech and motor functions; but, it is reported that from the outset Frankensplean had a rabid fondness for cookies of various sorts, especially Lebkuchen.
Frankensplean was insinuated into American society by agents of the Bundesnacrichtendienst (West German intelligence agency) after being discovered kibbutzing with a tribe of undead rabbits in a glen southeast of Kaufbeuren in 1947. Since that time, Frankensplean has been slowly learning American culture, though he is unsure what exactly is his purpose in the New World. His memory function is poor, but he has a feeling it has something to do with "sugar substitutes"..
Frankensplean generates more heat than light, even though he is undead. And he likes bunny warrens. Especially on islands.

Visual documentation of Frankensplean. (He misses his newsboy!):

Here he is thinking: "i will turn perform tricks for free cookies!!!1!"